Friday, August 4, 2017


We are looking for  a few new members. 
Love making Tags, stationary etc. and showing off your creations? 
Like an Active, but small groups? 
Do you have a few hours each week to make at least 2 Tags?  
Love to do challenges? 
Love a group that is more like Friends than just a Group.? 
Then My group would be great for you.  

Now Participation is required All members must be able to do 2 tags per week. 

Each week there is one challenge that you must do. 
Then you create something using your own ideas or tutorials of your 

Challenges consist of the following things
Cluster Frames. 

We also select select themes at times also. 

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in 
come on By the Group read about it and if you like it Join
in our Weekly fun. You can scroll to the bottom of the Group's Page
To check out our activity.. 

All I ask is to please do not join unless you actually have the time to 
commit to creating and sharing what  you make. 

Monday, July 24, 2017


I have new Template Freebie for you. I hope you enjoy using this 
 Beach Party Template. 



Monday, July 3, 2017

Just Great Huh??

It was really nice of Photobucket to change their policy with out letting any one know. What a mess everyone's Blog is..  I will get mine straighten out but it will take a little time. Right now I am just deleting the things that are messing up the look of my blog. As I am working on a kit. I hope to put it Up by July  15. Working hard to finish it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Well Valentine's has come and gone. I forgot all about making this template to put on my Blog For use on Valentine's Day. But since Love should be celebrated Every day of the Year I am now offering it to you. 

It was late due to a tragic Lost for our Family. 

 On Jan 22. My Youngest Daughter's Husband died. He was only 42 years old. Same age as my Oldest Daughter. Of course as a Mother I stayed with my Daughter night and day.  To be there for her should she need me. And to help her with my 11 year old grandson and 8 year old granddaughter.  So I was away from my computer for awhile. It was hard on my daughter. And His service was held Jan 29th. The Day after Her 39th Birthday Jan 28. I am back home knowing one of her sisters lives right down the road from her. And during the day at work her two sisters work at the same place as she does. It is still so heart breaking for me to think about Mike being gone. Our family is a very close knit family So she had a lot of support. Getting through making His arrangements for his cremation and Memorial service. All of Amy's Sisters and I supported her through every step of this. His service was so beautiful. We celebrated his life with each Family Member and close friends sharing their fondest Memory of him. Then inviting others to do the same. But every time I think about his children growing up with out him deeply saddens me. He worked hard to help insure his family had the things they needed and wanted. And boy did he love my Daughter and those kids. Our family is missing a large part of it now. And has forever been changed by Mike's death. Mike was a key player in getting family/friends together.  He loved holding cookouts for family and friends. Even on warm days in the winter he would want to fire up His grill and hold a cookout.  I find comfort in knowing he is now walking hand in hand with his Beloved Mother. Mike never really got over losing his Mother. So I know he is at peace now with her. 

But here is my 2017 Template Love, I hope some of you will find a way to use this template. But Love is not just one special Day of the Year but everyday should be a celebration of Love.  Always tell those you love them every Day because you never really know when you may lose them. 



Friday, January 20, 2017


We had a challenge in my group to create templates. So I thought I would upload mine and share it with everyone.. I hope some of you will enjoy using this template..